XTREME SURFDESIGN is the result of an ambitious step towards sustainability in the footwear industry.

We add environmental awareness to the well-being and comfort of design, because we have no doubts: this is the only way of hope for the future of next generations.

And because sustainability shouldn’t be just a passing wave but a way of life, XTREME SURFDESIGN wants to make a difference and actively contribute to the recovery of the Oceans: each pair of shoes we produce includes around 7,5 plastic bottles taken from the Oceans.

Our focus will always be on the components, whether they are recycled, organic, vegan or recoveries of waste from excessive consumption.

As proud SEAQUAL partners, we want to surf in clean waters, maneuver over healthy ecosystems and take assertive steps towards a more sustainable world, reducing our ecological footprint.

And we know exactly how we want the future we’ll step on to be: a continuous cycle of reuse, with recycling of our own old and discarded items.